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Capturing The Pure Essence Of Your Soul

Corey Wendell Williams is an Atlanta, Ga. based photographer servicing GA, FL and AL areas.  Our team of makeup artist, hairstylist, & assistants goals are to provide you the best experience possible with memories & images that shall last generations to come!  I Deeply appreciate you for considering Corey Wendell Photography for your photographic needs and a pleasure it would be to capture them.

-Corey Wendell

Help Write My Blog! Male Photographers vs. Female Photographers

I would like to do a blog about male photographers vs. female photographer, which do you prefer and why?  But here's the twist.....I'M NOT WRITING THE BLOG, YOU WILL!  Let me explain what I'm envisioning:
1. Read the question: Which Would You Prefer To Shoot With, a Male Photographer or Female Photographer?
2.  Email me your answer at and write My Answer in the subject.
3. It doesn't matter if you're a model (eye candy, glamour, fashion, artistic nude, erotic, parts model, etc.), fashion designer &/or stylist, hair stylist, makeup artist, cosmetologist, set designer, assistant, or every day person whom never even model before but love taking family portraits or any portraits strictly for personal use. I encourage all to participate including other photographers cause some of is love to get out portrait on as well.
4.  Please be serious about your answer and not a jokester!
Must be willing to allow me to post your answer on my blog with at least your 1st name, city & state you're located.

For more information please feel free to email me and I'll get back with you