Corey Wendell Photography

Capturing The Pure Essence Of Your Soul

Corey Wendell Williams is an Atlanta, Ga. based photographer servicing GA, FL and AL areas.  Our team of makeup artist, hairstylist, & assistants goals are to provide you the best experience possible with memories & images that shall last generations to come!  I Deeply appreciate you for considering Corey Wendell Photography for your photographic needs and a pleasure it would be to capture them.

-Corey Wendell

What Are You Really Paying For?

Wait, what is this session fee you're charging and why am I not get anything for it?  Well Ok, let's talk all about it and I can explain the breakdown.  The Session Fee is normally for the photographer's time, talent, & services of the photo shoot you're booking.  Here's an example: You book a photo shoot and you would like to do it on location at a park. The session fee that is being requested by the photographer is for Their travel to the location, Their time shooting for 2-3 hrs, depending on what you and the you'll agreed to, and the talent of the photographer whom has the skills to capture a high quality image with the posing methods to show you in the best likeness.  Also in some cases, if stated by the photographer, part of the session fee goes towards the fee of the makeup artist &/or hair stylist. 

Now that the photo shoot is completed and everyone has departed, our job as the photographer, still continues even though the photo session is over.  We began the process of downloading the images to the hard drive, then we begin to cull through the images.  Once culling process is over then we shall start the editing process (the editing process actually is the most important stage of this entire process).  One image can take between 45mins to 8hrs to edit.  The time spent per image alone can be costly which is why our products can not be sold at the same price that Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Costco, etc. sell their prints!

I did a blog called "That Ok, Walmart Is Cheaper Than You" explaining why professional photographers charge what we charge and why places like Walmart cN charge a much cheaper rate.  The misconception some people have is all we do is we show up, pull out camera, push shutter button, then go home and put images on disk or print them out at home and charge an astramonimal fee for something Aunt Sue can do!

To some sum it all up:

  • Session Fee is for the TIME, TALENT, TRAVEL &, SERVICE of the photographer.
  • A La Cart Pricing &/or Package Pricing reflects the time the professional photographer has spent on each image with detailed editing like skin editing, body image editing, custom design for invitations and greeting cards, professional quality photo book, specialty items like metal and wood prints, etc..   

I just want to take a moment and discuss with you'll in details about why professional photographers charge the pricing we charge and to also dispelled the myth about photographers have it easy cause all we do is push a button, print the pictures, and charge you a high fee. There's quit a bit of work that goes into that image that'll be cherish for generations to come!!!!!!!!