Corey Wendell Photography

Capturing The Pure Essence Of Your Soul

Corey Wendell Williams is an Atlanta, Ga. based photographer servicing GA, FL and AL areas.  Our team of makeup artist, hairstylist, & assistants goals are to provide you the best experience possible with memories & images that shall last generations to come!  I Deeply appreciate you for considering Corey Wendell Photography for your photographic needs and a pleasure it would be to capture them.

-Corey Wendell

Are Fashion Designers & Stylists "Essential To Photo Shoots"

I am starting an ongoing video blog with makeup artist's, fashion designers & stylists, cosmetologists, set designers, jewelry designers, & assistants to allow them to speak on their craft and give their opinion on "Essential To Photo Shoots". This interview is with Jessica Untile, a fashion designer & stylists and her company is P121Cre8tions!  If you would like to participate in our on-going video blog, hit us up and allow "Corey Wendell Photography" to record your views on this subject. The views you hear does not necessarily reflect the views of Corey Wendell Photography!