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Corey Wendell Williams is an Atlanta, Ga. based photographer servicing GA, FL and AL areas.  Our team of makeup artist, hairstylist, & assistants goals are to provide you the best experience possible with memories & images that shall last generations to come!  I Deeply appreciate you for considering Corey Wendell Photography for your photographic needs and a pleasure it would be to capture them.

-Corey Wendell

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Hiring the right photographer to capture you precious life moments is an extremely important decision. You have to find the photographer that fits the style, look, and feel you want to see on your walls and/or in an album for generations to come.

Once you find that photographer, I recommend hiring them for all sessions that go harmoniously together. For example, if you find a photographer that knocks your engagement session out of the park, you should definitely hire them for your wedding. This post; however, is to show why you should hire your maternity photographer for your newborn session.

If a photographer is able to capture the love between you, your significant other, and your growing belly, makes you feel comfortable, and most importantly makes you feel like the stunning mama to be that you are -- they are perfect to capture your newest addition.

The best part of having the same photographer for both is you can plan them to go perfectly with you décor in your home. Here is a combination of the Toth Family's maternity and newborn session to give you a feel of why it is a great idea.

Tip Of The Day: Communication

Whether you're thinking about booking a photo session, are excitedly (or anxiously) awaiting your session day, or are in the middle of our session together, I am officially inviting you to SPEAK UP! 

Feeling REALLY unsure of yourself before the shoot? Let's talk it through.

Do you need some insight into which of your clothing outfit looks better? Ask me! Text me pics! Email me! Create a Pinterest board!

Not crazy about how I'm posing you? Speak up!

I don't bite. Promise.

But I do want you to enjoy the experience and put as much of "YOU" into it as possible. It is, after all, your photo session. 

Essentials To Photo Shoots Pt. 1

I am starting an ongoing video blog with makeup artist's, fashion designers & stylists, cosmetologists, set designers, jewelry designers, & assistants to allow them to speak on their craft and give their opinion on "Essential To Photo Shoots".  This interview is with Princess Coleman of ICBeauti Beauti Enhancements where she believes in Beautifying the face not Beat The Face!  The views you hear does not necessarily reflect the views of Corey Wendell Photography!