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Capturing The Pure Essence Of Your Soul

Corey Wendell Williams is an Atlanta, Ga. based photographer servicing GA, FL and AL areas.  Our team of makeup artist, hairstylist, & assistants goals are to provide you the best experience possible with memories & images that shall last generations to come!  I Deeply appreciate you for considering Corey Wendell Photography for your photographic needs and a pleasure it would be to capture them.

-Corey Wendell

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Revamping 2016

Here at Corey Wendell Photography, we've decided to undergo some changes.  This revamping will include a new business module, new images, new pricing, new layout, & a new vision.  Our focus will be on contemporary style of photography that'll set you apart from everyone else's portraits.  


As I grow and evolve, this website will do the same. I will use this blog to:
- Post videos
- Share photography tutorials
- Reveal behind the scenes footage that will hopefully be of some use or entertainment for you

I believe the everyone deserves a wonder portrait of themselves, which is why my tagline is Capturing The Pure Essence Of Your Soul. It is how I interpret my poetry into what you see from my camera.  I can't to bring out the beauty within you!

~Corey Wendell

Fashion Is Upon Us

On October 6, 2013 at 10:00 am begins my journey into fashion photography.  I have been a hobbyist of photography for awhile, but decided to pursue it further as a professional (still not a pro yet but striving)!  I began shooting pretty much any and everything that would step in front of camera and pose not having a clue of what I was doing. Over time I took classes, studied the art photography, & sought mentorship to hone in my craft.  In the beginning of my path I started shooting events, then tried my hand at eye candy (urban mens magazine style), then to families and lifestyle photography.  But the one style I feared to get into was fashion photography thinking that my skills will never be good enough, although I grew up admiring the fashion culture, the designers, photographers, models, & all other production involved!  Well the day is here where FASHION IS UPON US!!!!!!  After honing in my skills, techniques, and personal creativity, I no longer fear taking on the conglomerate called Fashion. 


With that being said here's my 1st step into the world of fashion photography and trust they will be many more to come….Corey Wendell Photography is the brand and Corey Foto is the nickname, together we shall achieve all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Secret Of "Trade For" Photo Shoots

When photographers offers &/or agrees to do a TF photo shoot, it could be for several reasons.  Maybe they are wanting to update their portfolio and like the look you can add to it, testing out new equipment, testing a new studio or location, concepts for a project/series and your look fits the style they have been searching for.  This can benefit both the model and photographer by all parties involved receive a set number of images in which no money exchange.  Also it’s another form of advertising for our photography business as well cause someone may ask who took the picture, is the photographer local, etc. Giving credit by tagging the photographer can help alleviate some of the questions as well.  Now once you’ve received the images and you want to resize the image for Instagram or something changed about it, just ask the photographer instead of cropping yourself.  You do not want to crop out the photographers logo nor adding filters and distorting the image.  A photographers image is consider their calling card and reflects the representation of the photographers work and by doing unauthorized changes to image will result in the public thinking that it’s indicative of our skills therefore results in the loss of business and clientele.